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Hi! My name is GK. I'm a writer and poet who's developed an upbeat take on life that's helped me think and feel positively about myself every day!

If you like the sound of that, then I would love to help you feel good about yourself and your world too.

You deserve it!

Smiling Reviews

"GK's ability to make you smile is second to none. She encourages you to laugh at yourself, the world, and all in it that tries us."

Heather Pennicott, New Zealand

“Incisive, witty, and she has a real knack of finding the humour in even the most mundane events."

JudyM, UK

"I cannot remember the number of times I've laughed out loud while in danger of spilling my coffee. GK's unexpected conclusions to wholly mundane issues are deeply amusing."

Jackie Keswick, UK

Are you...

  • Stuck in a rut and 'just getting on with it'?
  • Losing sight of your dreams and doubting your abilities?
  • People-pleasing and putting yourself second?
  • Constantly battling to keep exasperation at bay?
  • Just downright tired, disheartened, and fed up?

Then from one world-weary woman to another… solidarity, sister. I got you!

Just sign up for my FREE 7-Day Poetical Pick-Me-Up Mood Booster and start smiling straight away!😊

What you get...

  • A daily email for 7 days with a pick-me-up poem that is designed to help you think and feel positively about yourself.
  • A PDF worksheet with each email that you can print and complete if you want to – Honestly, it takes 2 minutes and the boost to your morale could last you all day!
  • A mahooosive thumbs up from me for taking such a positive step towards making yourself feel more upbeat. I've been there and know how it feels.
  • My promise to you that you can email me any time, and it will be ME who replies.
  • A guarantee you can unsubscribe any time. I do NOT want to be an email pest.
  • And a heartfelt thank you from me for connecting. It means a lot to this long-in-the-tooth wordsmith.

To start smiling straight away 😊, just sign up for my FREE 7-Day Poetical Pick-Me-Up Mood Booster!

About GK Kingsley

GK Kingsley is a poet and fiction writer most recognised for her inspiring, comforting, and amusingly witty verse.

Born and raised in the south of England, GK has been writing poetry since she was ten. However, it was a few decades later in 2012 that she gave birth to the illustrated poetry brand with which we are so familiar today.

Teaching herself how to use graphic design software, she started to create fun illustrations to accompany her poetical sound bites, and soon the GK Kingsley trademark style was alive and kicking.

GK’s bold and intuitive messages instantly connect with a reader’s inner concerns and reassure and amuse.

Her relatable observations are intended to inspire, comfort, and bring cheer as you face challenges in your everyday world. When you read one of her pocket pick-me-ups, you come away feeling your day has improved – just a little – and you know that was a second of your life well spent.

In 2013, GK got her first ‘airing’ on BBC radio with a poem she wrote for World Poetry Day – Love.

Since then, she’s appeared regularly on different radio channels, often summarising the week’s news in a fun and lively poem.

However, though connecting with people through the spoken word is still a rewarding side of her work, providing inspiration, comfort, and amusement to people in other ways is a passion that drives her forward.

Now, through her various printed collections and email pick-me-ups, you can have a touch of GK’s upbeat approach in your life to spur you on.

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